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Saturday school and making things go

I woke up this morning and felt like several small furry creatures were sleeping in my mouth, slightly nauseous with a mild headache, and with a strong desire to crawl back under the duvet and emerge when spring comes again. I'd like to blame it on a hangover, apart from the fact that I simply don't drink anymore. Yep, I've got it. The Cold. It's this autumn's latest fashion - everyone's doing it. Sitting on the train now I can hear at least ten people in the carrige coughing away. We should all probably be at home in bed still, but if we did that we'd have to pretty much shut London down for a month. And if we're going to do that, we could at least wait until the summer when we could all properly enjoy it.

I was mildly surprised to find no calamity this weekend, with the notable exception of the rugby (though, I doubt very much I can be held that accountable for that.) Prior to watching the match Saturday was spent at the all-day Active Birth Centre bootcamp up in Archway, being trained in the art of dealing with contractions and giving birth, or in my case, the art of dealing with someone who is dealing with contractions and giving birth. I was surprised to find that I am not required to run round boiling water or ripping up our good sheets.

Sunday involved Martin coming over to help me jump start the car. Of course, being a man, I should have been inheriently born with knowledge of how all mechanical devices, espcially automotive, function (or at least be able to derive it from all those physics lessons I took.) Alas, this doesn't seem to have been the case. Luckily for me, the web contains lots of step-by-step tutorials - and now that we live in the future, there's even video how-tos on jury-rigging a circuit between two cars. No-one got electrocuted, we didn't fuse any car electronics and no batteries exploded. I did however manage to confuse many of my neighbors by leaving the car parked alone on the street with the keys in the ignition and the engine running for a good hour.

This was followed by a run out to charge the battery some more, in which we drove by Mothercare and bought the car seat we'll be using for the first 12 months. Luckily for us we'd already done our research on which seat to get online (the one that plugs directly into the buggy we bought and has side impact bars) as this process involves just as many variables as your typical electronics purchase but with added but won't someone think of the children! factor. The store showed us how to fit it in the car (which was the main reason not to just order online) since some shocking percentage of car seats are fitted incorrectly and unsafely.

In the late afternoon we met up with Earle and Cami and retired to The Windmill on Walthamstow High Street for more tapas than you you can sensibly eat, which involved good food and conversation.

Today I shall be taking things easy and only trying to juggle three projects and two programming languages at once.

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